Privacy Policy

Ross International LTD. and its affiliated companies (collectively, “Ross International”) are concerned about the privacy of users of its Internet Web Site. Because of this, Ross Mould has established this Privacy Policy (the “Policy”). By visiting, you agree to accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy.

As our business changes and as technology and Internet use and practices change, Ross International may from time to time determine that it is prudent to change our practices, Terms and Conditions, or this Privacy Policy. Therefore,
Ross International reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, change, add to, or delete from (any such modification, change, addition or deletion, an “alteration” to), this Policy and other policies posted on this Site at any time and without notice to users of this Site. Thus, we encourage you to review this Policy and other policies posted on this Site for possible changes and to do so each time you return to the Site, to be certain you are aware of any alterations. Your continued use of this Site after any such alteration has been made constitutes acceptance by you of the terms of this Policy and any other policies posted on this Site as they then exist, including any such alteration.

General Users

Ross International collects certain data at our Website in order to deliver, evaluate and improve our service to you. When you visit our Site, we may receive and store certain information that is gathered by placing one or more small computer files called “cookies” on your computer. These files provide us with information about your computer and your visits, such as (but not limited to) your on-line identification and online address, other information about your computer and browser software, and information about your use of the various portions of this site. We aggregate this information with other information from other users, and we use such information only in an aggregate manner, and do not sell or otherwise in the ordinary course of our business, provide such information to other business enterprises or individuals. We may transfer such information if there ever were to occur, a change of ownership of this company or its assets, and we may also disclose such information as described in this Policy under the heading “Security.”

Contact Form

Ross International collects your name, phone number, email and business web address, should you enter them in the above fields, in order to contact you about services we provide, or that you have requested. Only our sales staff and technical personnel have access to the data you enter. This form generates an email to the head of sales, where your data is used to contact you directly or forwarded via email to another sales agent. You can request that their contact information is removed from our email contact lists by sending an email to


We use commercially reasonable practices, including encryption, to see that your information is treated in compliance with this Privacy Policy. However, given the nature of the Internet, we cannot ensure complete security and we are not responsible for any breach of security or for the action of any person or entity other than Ross International. In addition, Ross International cooperates with law enforcement inquiries, we obey court orders, and we honour subpoenas and other legal processes. As a result, your information may be disclosed if we were compelled by law or legal process to disclose it. We may also disclose such information if we were to determine in our sole discretion that such disclosure would be useful in connection with investigating possible non-compliance with the law, with any Ross International policy, including this Privacy Policy, with any other agreement we might have with you, or if we reasonably believed that a user was attempting to cause damage to the functionality of this Site or its content. Hackers pose a threat to an Internet user, and the legal and regulatory status of matters on the Internet is uncertain both in the United States and in other countries. For these reasons, we cannot guarantee that all of your communications and other information will never be disclosed in ways you do not expect or which are not described in this Privacy Policy.

Removal of Data
You can request that your information be removed by sending an email to