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Specialized Single-Source Service

These companies with a decades-old heritage of quality make up the cast metals portion of Ross International, Ltd.:

  • ANDES CAST METALS FOUNDRY – Sabaneta (Colombia)
  • ANDES CAST METALS FOUNDRY – La Estrella (Colombia)

Together, they offer single-source, short-run castings of all dimensions and configurations.

These operations feature complete induction furnaces, laboratory and testing facilities, automatic and semi-automatic molding, pattern making, state-of-the-art core production, and heat treating. Collectively, these facilities produce castings in gray iron and bronze.

Each functioning as a “one-stop” supplier, the foundries provide casting and total quality assurance – from spectrometer analysis to ensure consistent metallurgical integrity, through advanced testing for dimension accuracy of finished components.

The unique single-source capabilities of Ross International, Ltd. cast metal companies mean bottom line savings for you – the most cost effective quality, delivery and service.

As the packaging industry pursues its quest for lighter, stronger, more cost-competitive glass containers, Ross International companies will be there to meet each challenge.