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Selling Products Is Good. Selling Projects Can Be Even Better: HRB.org Recently, highly-ranked individuals at some of our customers have expressed their interest in (2) of our projects. RI ASU (Automatic Specifications Use), our proprietary #PLM tailor-made for the #glass #containers industry + the See more...

Ross International LTD developed (5) digital apps we called the Digital Shop. These are used at Work Centers of our machining shops floors and are dramatically transforming and improving our operation. Drawing viewer Eliminating the burden of hard copies, always updated and with a direct chat to See more...






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ROSS INTERNATIONAL is a global supplier of hollow glass mould equipment, hollow glass mould equipment bronze and iron foundry, commercial cast iron foundry, special manufacturing, special and commercial tools and recently introduced: engineering services.

ROSS INTERNATIONAL is currently integrating and fostering synergies between subsidiaries, to be the global leader in glass mould manufacturing technology. Heavy investments in R&D have brought significant progress in areas like Metal 3D-Printing and CNC Laser Cladding thanks to strategic partnerships with Binder Jetting and AMBIT technologies developers and Fixturing, 3D-modelling, Digital Manufacturing, Product Lifecycle Management; thanks to proprietary technologies like ASU (Automatic Specifications Use)